Clos d'Audhuy

Benoit Aymard

Clos d'Audhuy

Benoit, who represents the fourth generation of winemakers, embarked on an exciting journey in 2014 when he assumed control of his family’s estate. This decision brought a fresh and exhilarating experience for his entire family.

Trained as an oenologist and having worked for esteemed estates in the beautiful southwest region, Benoit was determined to produce his own wine. But it wasn't just any wine he sought to create; he aimed to craft a truly authentic expression of terroir, using grapes that were naturally healthy, just as his ancestors had done.

The estate's original vineyards, located in the Lot valley around 150 meters above sea level, benefit from a steep slope, ensuring ample sunlight exposure. The soil is composed of clay-siliceous and is enriched with iron minerals and limestone chips.

The Causse de Lacapelle Cabanac is home to another part of the vineyard, where the vines flourish in limestone stones coated with decalcification clays from the Kimmeridgian era. Positioned at an elevation of around 300 meters above sea level, these vineyards encounter a distinctive climate unlike that of the Lot valley.

The combination of diverse soils and climates allows them to enjoy the craft of winemaking and present a range of wines that truly capture the essence of the remarkable terroir.

The vinification of the grapes is done naturally, without oenological inputs and the accompaniment of the wine until maturity is done in concrete vats, stainless steel as also in barrels and casks according to its personality. In 2018, Benoit built a gravity-flow winery, partially buried, in order to prioritise a gentle handling of his wines.