Domaine de la Sorbière

Jacques Juillard

Domaine de la Sorbière

The Juillard family has always had vineyards, making wine for at least as long as Jacques's great-grandparents. Jacques's grandmother, for example, ran a bistro in Lyon and made cuvées for her establishment, other restaurants, and private clients in the region. His mum Anne-Marie, aged in her 90's, has still today wines under her name with the Morgon and Régnié labels.

Jacques, like many in his family, juggled a professional career alongside his passion for winemaking. This career provided him with incredible opportunities to travel, including extended stays in Japan, Korea, and South America for four years.

In 2000, Jacques had the chance to take over 6 hectares of land previously owned by the family of Bernard Pivot, the recently departed French media icon and president of the Goncourt Academy.

Following his retirement in 2014, Jacques dedicated himself full-time to working in the vineyards and producing wine. Driven by a passion for amphorae, he began vinifying his wines using these traditional vessels, which he sourced from Tuscany. With a deep commitment to natural winemaking practices, he replanted all of his vineyards with organic vines and has been certified organic for over six years. His wines are also vinified with minimal or no sulfites.

The quality of Jacques's grapes speaks for itself. In recent years, even as they faced their own challenges, some well-known Jura producers, including Ganevat, have turned to him as a source for their wines.